A GROUP, NigerianWomenArise, has condemned the continued harassment of the #ENDSARS movement activists.

It is demanding the immediate return of the International Passport of Ms Modupe Chizoba Odele.

In a statement by the Head of the Group, Dr Abiola Akiode Afolabi, it said: “We note with alarm that on 3rd November 2020, Module Chizoba Odele a Nigerian Attorney and the co-lead of EndSARS Legal, an initiative which provided free legal aid to peaceful #ENDSARS protesters had her Nigerian International Passport confiscated by a member of the Nigerian Immigration Service.

“We strongly condemn the actions of the Immigration Service, the Nigerian State Security Service (SSS) and by extension the Nigerian government in confiscating the passport of Ms Odele.

“We urge the Nigerian government to protect the freedom and rights of all citizens, including Ms Odele, which, as a Nigerian citizen, Section 41 of the Constitution guarantees.

“We deplore in the strongest terms, all acts of mental, emotional or physical intimation towards any member of the Feminist Coalition for exercising their right to peaceful protest as accorded to every Nigerian under Section 40 of the Nigerian constitution.  “We believe that Ms Odele and others are being targeted for the role they played during the #ENDSARS protest. We want to remind the government of Nigeria that we are in a democratic system.

“Citizens’ right to express themselves through peaceful protest is enshrined in the Constitution. We are hereby highlighting our increased concern for the safety of all members of the Feminist Coalition.”