Today at the town hall meeting with the executive governor of Delta State, His Excellency Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, I saw members of our political class as endangered species. I say this with a high sense of responsibility based on the emerging reality of today and ominous signs of further escalation of youth uprising in the aftermath of the #ENDSARS Protest, a reality quite unknown to the political class.

At the instance and invitation of someone I have great respect for, I agreed to attend the Town hall meeting, hoping it would afford me the opportunity to hear first hand from the leadership of our Youths and others. I also hoped the platform would offer me an opportunity to speak on an issue dear to my heart. However, much to my dismay, the unruly conduct of some youth leaders without due regards to the presence of the Governor created an enbarrassment that prevented meaningful engagements and interactions from taking place, thereby defeating the true essence and objective of convening the Townhall meeting.

The #ENDSARS Protest should be seen as a wakeup call for Government to begin to think outside the box and walk the talk. Government can no longer afford to continue to tow the path of self-delusion of business as usual attitude, where the comfort zones of occupants of political offices shield them from harsh realities of today.

There is a clear and present danger if recent events of unprecedented youth uprising that provoked wanton vandalism, arson and looting is anything to go by. If not properly prepared for, then all politicians should realise that they are sitting on a ticking time bomb bound to make them prime targets of attack, borne out of transfer of aggression. An army of unemployed youths anywhere in the world is a disaster waiting to happen.

In no distant time, the political class will inevitably suffer much more devastating attacks if no proactive measure is taken to arrest the worsening trend of pervasive unemployment amongst the violently agitated youths. The Delta State Government must as a matter of urgency embrace and throw weight behind all pending proposals with potentials to industrialize the State in a manner that creates ripple effect of generating limitless employment opportunities.

Government must also rise up to the reality of these trying times, demonstrate the political Will to cut through the red tapes of time-consuming bureaucracy to instigate immediate action, as no rocket science is required in truly delivering the dividends of democracy to the ever hopeful citizens. Delta State stands in a clear position of advantage over and above other states with its enormous gas reserves, generally agreed by pundits to be the future of global industrial revolution.

Honestly speaking, the Governor has done well by starting the Kwale Industrial Park but, he should go a step further by looking at the report from his Government Inter-ministerial Committee he set up sometime in January 2018, on the Sapele Industrial City Project. The promoters having travelled and secured the interests of American Investors, who are currently standing by with huge financial power to kickstart the project once the initial work programs like typographical survey of the area assigned for the project is carried out and title is assigned to the land. A meeting between all stakeholders and Government is still being expected to be held, which should lead to the setting up of Joint Venture Committee (JVC) and Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to drive the Project to the desired reality.

It is my candid belief that the Governor will accord this Project with potentials of generating over one million direct and indirect jobs in ten years its deserved attention and much anticipated action. The prosperity of Delta State is invariably tied to monumental improvement in internally generated revenue, which this Project on critical analysis has shown great prospects.

I really hope His Excellency critically look into the report that has been ready for his final approval. This is a practicable way to create more jobs for all Deltans and genuinely reinvent the Prosperity for all Deltans Agenda of the government of the day.