Tunis- Al Mongi Al Saidani

The head of Heart of Tunisia party has sent an urgent letter to Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi asking him to reverse his decision to use plastic for packaging cement instead of paper.

Head of the parliamentary Committee on Rights, Freedoms and External Relations Sameh Dammak said she sent the letter to the Premier after receiving vague answers about the issue by the Minister of Local Affairs and Environment during Friday’s session.

She affirmed that the information received by the committee indicate that the Ministry is not willing to review its decision to use plastic in packaging cement, prompting several MPs to withdraw confidence from the Minister.

According to Dammak, the decision is considered a crime against future generations.

Opposition parties have earlier slammed government officials for owning significant shares in the capital of the company that manufactures plastic bags, which was denied by a number of ministers.

Ministers say they have given up their shares in those companies before assuming government responsibilities, while parties accuse them of transferring their shares to family members.

Meanwhile, a number of lawmakers in the committee have called for withdrawing confidence from Minister of Industry Salwa al-Saghir if she doesn’t reverse the decision taken by the former Minister and for withdrawing confidence from the whole government at a later stage if it sticks to this decision.